2021 Managment Committee

Below is the committee for the 2021 season. Without these people, the club cannot function, so thank you to everyone who volunteers their time.


Kayla Devlin

Vice President

Lyn Hill

Hon Secretary

Samone Spall


Nicola Lambie


Margie Brown & Sonja McKeddie

Turf Coordinator

Glen Neville

Grass Coordinator

Kate Smith

Turf Umpires & Tech Convenor

Naomi Crase

Grass Umpires Convenor

Margie Brown

Uniform, Apparel & Equipment Officer

Kylie Neville

Grants Officer

Shannan Peters

Sponsorship Officer

Sonja McKeddie

Marketing, Promotions Officer & Social Media Officer

Miesh Elmes

Social & Events team

Kate Smith, Maddie Farmer & Edina Morrison

Turf Coaching & Selection Committee

Turf Coaches, Jenny Heron, Teresa Kuss & Megan Houghton

Grass Coaching & Selection Committee

Grass Coaches, Jenny Heron, Teresa Kuss & Megan Houghton  

Records Officer

Jenny Heron 

U21 Australian Championship
Australian Country Championships
Trophy Night - TBA
Entire Calendar...Gold Sponsor
Gaythorne Rsl