2018 Management Team & Committee

Below is the committee for the 2018 season. Without these people, the club cannot function, so thank you to everyone who volunteers their time.


Teresa Kuss

Vice President

Lyn Hill

Hon Secretary

Kate Smith


Ashlee Scougall


Megan Houghton

Lisa Nissen

Turf Coordinator

Tamiesha Elmes

Grass Coordinator

Kayle Golik

Turf Umpires Convenor

Katrina Noonan

Grass Umpires Convenor

Jacqui Dowling

Turf Uniform, Apparel & Equipment Officer

Merinda McMahon

Grass Uniform, Apparel & Equipment Officer

Leanne Ragonesi

Grants Officer

Shannan Kunn

Sponsorship Officer

*Position vacant

Marketing & Promotions Officer

Tamiesha Elmes

Social Media Officer

Tamiesh Elmes

Social & Events Coordinator

Bree Dobbins & Brownyn Cheales

Turf Coaching & Selection Committee

Turf Coaches

Teresa Kuss

Grass Coaching & Selection Committee

Grass Coaches

*2 positions vacant

6pm - 7pm at SHC2 training
8-9pm training at EHTT
9pm - 10pm training at SHC1
8pm - 9pm training at EHTT
Arana Ascot Sign On Day (Juniors)
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Unity Water
Vision Stream
Bennett & Co Financial ServicesPhone 3876 8131